Oh no! Coptotermes attack on the Eco-Shack!!!

Hi Everyone!

Got a call out from a client in distress at a gorgeous property in a very off-the-beaten-track part of Coomba Park. He was concerned as termites were alive and kickin’ eating out his Eco-Shack which was a small one bedroom cottage on his idyllic property.


I arrived to find that had eaten through all the kitchen benchtops and cabinets…. upon touch, some of the door and window frames had the outer shell of timber but were infact COMPLETELY hollowed out!! Further investigation alarmed the termites and I showed the client that you could literally hear an audible “clicking” sound which is actually caused by the termites banging their heads to signal DANGER to other termites in the colony!! Amazing!

No time to waste; Lets crack out the big guns!!! Termidor Dust!! Lets start bustin’ some Coptotermes!!!
The powerful termiticide dust was carefully puffed inside the very active door and window frames…VERY satisfying! The way it works is that the termites get dust stuck on their bodies and as they continue their business, they groom each other therefore transferring throughout the colony. For good measure some above-ground bait boxes were drilled (not much timber left for the screws to get foot hold on!) over the workings aswell and filled with an Insect Growth Inhibitor. Lunch is served everyone!!! Come n get it!!!

I returned a week later in the early AM for a check up. On my drive down to Coomba, first a Kamikaze Bush Turkey ran out in font of the truck (luckily I missed him!!) then, as my heart was still racing from the ‘near-miss’ just down the dirt road, a Grey Kangaroo emerged from the thick brush and hastily hopped over the road right before my eyes!!!!! Thankfully I was going slowly and she barely flinched as she made it to greener pastures on the other side of the road!!! Who said pest control was not a daily adventure!!!!
Upon my follow up to the Eco-Shack, the only termites found within were dead ones, THE BEST KIND of termites!!
High-Fives all round – JOB DONE 🙂
Happy client – Happy Pest Controller!