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Termite Pest Inspections

inspecting wall cavitiesPest Free Solutions specialise in Termite Inspections and treatment throughout the Mid-Coast Council area.

All our inspectors are fully trained, licensed and experts in the detection, identification and habits of termites.

We use the latest technologies being moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras in all our inspections. Your  full written report, which not only complies to the Australian Standard AS4349.3-2010 “Inspection of Buildings – Timber Pest Inspections” , are simple to read without industry jargon.

Your report will also include identification of fungal decay (rot), mould and provide a list of recommendations to prevent a termite attack on your property.

To ensure you fully understand the results we will call you on the day of the inspection to provide a verbal overview.

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

In conjunction with Independent Property Inspection Mid North Coast we offer combined Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections so you get the inspection experts at the right price.

Independent Property Inspections Mid North Coast:

Reports comply to the AS4349.1 Residential Building Inspections standard

  • Check, test and consider over 1296 items in the property
  • Report on all visible defects in plain English without industry jargon
  • Note items that are not defective (not just a list of defects)
  • Rate the property with our World First “5 Star Conditional Rating”
  • Provide Reports “Same day or they are free”

Pest Inspections – Our Process!

The process we apply is thorough and includes some very old and some very new techniques.

Old School

We start with the old fashion method of tapping every piece of timber we can. This includes skirting boards, door jambs, window frames and inside cupboards listening for changes in sound that highlight weakened timbers.

High Tech

Pest Inspections - thermal image

Then we go high tech turning on all showers and taps and checking behind every wet area with the moisture meter. This allows us to detect any leaks that will result in moist areas.

We then check all walls, ceilings and floors with our thermal imaging camera to detect any water leaks or termite nests which may be inside the cavity.

Leaks are a major problem in your home not only do they cause fungal decay which can destroy your home but they offer a water supply to thirsty termites who will then snack on your house timbers.

This image shows moisture in a bedroom ceiling, a great home for termites and other bugs.

Then on with the overalls and into the roof void for a thorough visual inspection and more tapping to check the integrity of your roofing timbers.
While we are still in our overalls we now go under the house for a visual inspection of your  sub-floor timbers paying particular attention to all wet areas and yet more tapping to again ensure the integrity of your structure.  Here we are looking for live termites, termite damage or any traces of termite entry.

Outside Included

That might be the house complete but then inspect  the garage, shed, trees, gardens, retaining walls, stumps, fences and logs. As you can see our inspections are very thorough.Pest Inspections - damaged fence

If you have termites our team will find them!

This image shows a fence totally eaten out by termites.

Finally you receive a full written report with not only our findings but also our recommendations to make your property a less attractive meal for termites..

Local Service – Taree, Forster, Wingham and Surrounds

We are specialists in the area surrounding Taree, Forster/Tuncurry and Wingham. As a result we can offer good response times and know our area so well we guarantee our work.


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