Pest Treatment

Pest Free Solutions can provide a general Pest Treatment, or target specific pests in the Taree, Forster, Tuncurry, Wingham district.

Environmentally Friendly Products

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We know you care about the environment and so do we.

All of the products we use are safe.  No need to worry about your garden, your children, your grandchildren, and your pets. In fact the chemicals we use are water based, fully biodegradable and are less toxic than most household cleaning products.

General Pest Treatment

Our General Pest Treatment covers cockroaches, spiders and silverfish.

The treatment involves:

  • Placement of cockroach baits and ant gel baits as required.  Cockroaches feed on these baits, go back to their nest and regurgitate their food to share with others. As a result, those that feed are also killed.  The same applies to the ants, they also take the gel back to the nest eradicating the nest itself.
  • Internal crevice spray of hard-to-reach spots including under fridges, around microwaves etc.  Therefore, no more hidden pests lurking in hard-to-find spaces.
  • Internal spray of flooring and also edge of skirting boards.  Watch how many cockroaches come out of hiding when the spray gets to them.
  • Dusting of the roof void to eliminate the cockroaches and spiders that find this an easy access-point to the rest of your house.
  • Spraying in the sub-floor if required.  Ever wondered if funnel web spiders live under houses?  The answer is YES so make this a NO!
  • External spray of cladding, walls, steps, eaves, and also the garage.  No more spiders!

We offer fixed prices for residential Pest Treatment and will provide fixed quotes for all other property types.


Specific Pest Treatment

German Cockroach Treatment

These Cockroaches are a little harder to kill, but we have the technology.  The treatment for German Cockroaches includes the steps in the General Treatment but also includes:ugly termite

  • Application of specialised German cockroach gel bait, and
  • Top-up application of gel baits and skirting spray in problem rooms, if required, to break the breeding cycle. This usually applies to kitchens and bathrooms.

These Cockroaches are the small roaches usually found in greater number.  They are prevalent in homes on the East Coast of NSW and are characterised by the two dark stripes behind the head traveling lengthwise along the body.

Rodent Treatment

Pest Treatment mouse

Rodents are particularly unwelcome occupants in any home.

To effectively remove rodents we:

  • Apply appropriate baits and traps in problem areas such as roof voids, garages, sheds and also the sub-floor.
  • Remove alternate food sources so rodents eat the baits more readily.

Graeme reports that this is “more effective than a killer cat!”


visible termite damageTermites are public enemy #1, especially in the Mid North Coast Area.

They are quiet, keep out of sight, and are very, very effective at destroying your most valuable asset.

This image shows termites at work and also clearly shows the damage they can cause.

This level of damage will cost large sums of money to fix.  The damage is done and it gets worse. Termites keep going until there is no food – or we destroy their queen or their nest!

We Specialise in Termite Treatment

We use only the latest and the best!

And the best is:

sentricon logoA Unique New Way to Protect Your Home



Sentricon Always Active is the new and very different way of continuously protecting your home against termites. It harnesses the natural behaviour and biology of termites, together with a highly effective termiticide.

Sentricon Always Active is a highly effective solution that offers the safety of a baiting system and the continuous protection of a chemical barrier.

Sentricon Always Active is a unique and environmentally sensitive termite control system that protects your home all day, every day, from day one. Eliminate termites before they are even discovered.

How does Sentricon Always Active Work?

Installed strategically and discreetly around the home in the prime foraging areas, the Sentricon stations provide a window into the world of the termites. The random and continuous foraging of the termites will be directed to the In-Ground stations.

sentricon systemThe stations contain Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods, which the termites find more palatable and more attractive than wood. The termites feed on the termiticide rods on mass, tunnel back to the nest all the while unaware that it is detrimental to their survival.

The active ingredient in Sentricon Always Active is what’s called an insect growth regulator. It is specific and deadly to termites, and SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Termites periodically shed their skin (moult), and this process is interrupted once ingestion of the Sentricon Always Active occurs. An inability to moult results in the death of workers, and ultimately leads to the elimination of the entire colony.

Local Pest Treatment Service

We cover a localised area so we can fully understand the environment in which we are working.

Taree, Forster, Wingham

We are based in Taree NSW and extend in a 100km radius in all directions, except out to sea.

This takes in the major centres of Forster, Tuncurry, Wingham, Nabiac, Old Bar and all areas around these towns.